Today I won the lottery…

Not really…

But just for fun, as a break in the middle of a dreary afternoon as we finally near the end of a trying week, I played a little game with myself. I imagined that I’d won the lottery. And I asked myself what I’d do.

I made some rules, because I’m me, and rules give me nearly as much comfort as imaginary riches.

  1. This isn’t a quit-your-job-and-move-to-a-mansion jackpot. It’s, say… a couple hundred thousand.
  2. No being responsible. Yes, I should put 60% into a safe money-market blahblahblah… no. I’m blowing this money on fun stuff!

This fake money bought me several minutes of quality daydreaming. Here’s what I came up with:

Spruce it up! 
I’d go on a DIY binge. My house could use some fixing up. New paint and furniture, curtains, bathroom tile, the list goes on and on.

I’d also pay someone to cut my grass. I like tooling around in the garden and playing with plants, but the mowing and the weeding and the edging and the raking? No sir. (Truly, what prompted this little exercise was my dreading having to make time to do all that crap this weekend.)

Hit the road!
Vacations. A week at the beach with my boyfriend, a few days in New York with my sister, a bowl game trip with my family.

Spread the love!
Gifts all around! No specifics here, but lots of people would be getting “someone who loves me won the lottery” presents. I kinda filled up a page with ideas.

So, my spirits a good bit lifted, I can tackle the rest of this dreary afternoon.

What would you do if you won the lottery?


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