Everything Awesome This Week

A jumble of cool stuff I saw this week that you might like to see, too!


I went shopping with my mom at the garden center yesterday, and we bought matching pink dahlia plants. Lovely, no? I’ll try not to kill mine.

Since Mother’s Day is almost here, take a moment to reflect on the greatness of your mom’s advice and your grandma’s cooking. I have benefited greatly from both.

If you have some time to kill, may I suggest GeoGuessr?

I want to go to this outdoor screening of a chosen-by-fans Friday Night Lights episode at the Austin Television Festival SO BADLY. I would vote for Mud Bowl.

Walking Dead. Bad Lip Read. Hilarious.

Open Letters to the girls of Girls. The only problem with this advice is that if they took it, there’d be no show.

Be honest. You’re going to binge-watch all the new episodes of Arrested Development when they come out. You may as well binge-eat Arrested Development themed food while you do it.

Whether or not they all come from the same proto-language, the fact that so many languages have cognates for certain words is just fascinating.

I don’t recall language inventor or address decipherer being presented to me as options on career day.

I recognized a lot of these 20 signs that you’re an adult (I got kitchen knives and cooking pans for Christmas this year and I LOVE THEM). I suppose I should consult a doctor. A possible #21 is that you feel a need to improve your negotiation skills.

A good reminder for everyone – You Should Date Someone Who Cares About You!

Slick Write is a neat little writing critique site. Paste your text in and it evaluates it and gives you some fun stats to play with.

Trust me, you have time for this 5 minute video on the history of typography. The visuals are so neat that you don’t realize you’re learning until it’s almost over. Sneaky!

Being a southern girl, I’ve made some cobblers in my life. But this Mango Cobbler with Coconut Whipped Cream would be a new one.

Incredibly cool idea for Riceless Risotto – it’s made from asparagus!

Wow, this Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry looks amazing. I can’t decide if I’m more excited about the color or the flavor!

I want to hug whoever thought up Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal.

And, finally, Jennifer Lawrence. Rules the world.


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