Everything Awesome This Week

A jumble of cool stuff I saw this week that you might like to see, too!


I love secret places nestled in big cities. These Parisian tennis courts are amazing!

Even if it was for naught, I admire these Texan ladies’ passion and insistence upon being heard.

Ohmigosh, y’all. Read this text-message fight about a wedding gift deemed improper by the recipients. Hilarious.

Time-killers: Feminist Taylor Swift, Mad Men Screen Shots with Things Drawn On Them, Fuck Yeah Behind the Scenes, My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter.

What Moment in Your Life Convinced You to Change?

Now, some good things to eat!

I’ve been looking for creative ways to grill chicken thighs, since I eat a ton of them. We tried the marinade in this recipe earlier this week, and the results were delicious!

Going to have to grill up these Honey Lime Drumsticks very soon.

And these Balsamic Salmon Kebabs.

Which might go nicely with some Haloumi and Vegetable Skewers.

And a big Greek Salad.

I can’t decide what I want more, Peach Snickerdoodle Cobbler or Peach, Blueberry, and Basil Crisp.

Perhaps it would be best to go the easy route and just have Roasted Strawberries with Balsamic over ice cream.

Have a great weekend!


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