Everything Awesome This Week


I hope your week was great! I made more pesto!

Here we go with a jumble of cool stuff I saw this week that you might like to see, too!

In honor of the 500th episode of This American Life, which I know we all adore, several outlets put out best-episode lists. I can’t wait to listen or re-listen to them all!

This engaged couple’s movie-poster idea is just the cutest.

Weight loss – it’s so easy!

Rjukan, Norway has a nifty idea to beat those winter blues.

I played “Hot Knife” about a million times when Fiona Apple’s last album came out. This video totally captures the energy of the song.

Ohpleaseohplease make this Daria movie a real thing. It would make a perfect double feature with the Veronica Mars movie.

Can you even believe this glam apartment used to be a public toilet?

Great ideas to make your Sunday night less panicked. #1 and #5 totally work for me.

Jay Z’s 99 problems, illustrated. The best.

How to fill that suddenly urgent Orange is the New Black-shaped hole in your life.

Now, some good things to eat!

Cucumber Noodles in Peanut Sauce. Oh, man.

These Spicy Black Bean Cakes look fairly simple, but majorly flavorful.

Slow-Cooker Bread? Really?

I just… I think I need these.

This BBQ Quinoa Salad looks incredible.

I love build-your-own recipes like this fruit crisp one.

Have a wonderful week!


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