Everything Awesome This Week

A jumble of cool stuff I saw this week that you might like to see, too!

First off, if you’re not watching Orphan Black, you SO need to! I checked out the first season from the library and I’ve blown through the first eight episodes. I have two more to watch tonight, and I am both excited to watch them and crushed because there won’t be any more after I do. Until season two starts. In APRIL!

Anyway, this is the first scene of the show.

Tell me you’re not hooked!

If you’re like me, European soccer leagues are baffling and you can’t keep all the characters in Game of Thrones straight. So let’s put those two things together, ‘kay?

This article will terrify you and make you so, so mad.

Charlie Brown and the Smiths are a match made in mopey heaven.

Libraries are so much more than books!

As a college football freak who works every other Saturday, I love the heck out of this.

This houseboat is basically the best thing ever.

Now, some good things to eat!

This burger, y’all.

I have a pretty solid go-to pancake recipe. I would stray from it to make these banana pancakes with peanut butter syrup.

S’Mores. Icebox. Cake!

And since the oven will be free, well hello, Sun-Dried Tomato and Pesto Dinner Rolls.

I have never heard of Tennessee Cheddar Puffs, but they look awesome.

That’s it, guys! Have a wonderful weekend!


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